Caitlin and Ian planned a wedding that was straight out of a fairy tale. The weather was stunning, the details were on point and this couple only got cuter as the minutes of their day went by. The seem to set each others souls on fire…they smile bigger, breath more deeply and effortlessly fit into […]

A Bradford Estate Wedding | Peach, Sage and Pink Wedding | Caitlin and Ian



Fall should by synonymous with Cold Spring Village. SO MANY of my couples are drawn to the beauty this property holds and it is OFTEN the backdrop to many of my couples engagement sessions. Each couple makes its their own…leaves a part of their love story behind. We roam the grounds, get lost in conversation […]

Historic Cold Spring Village & Cape May Winery Engagement Session | Kirby and Riley



Getting the initial email from Jessica was more than just an inquiry….it was a BLAST from the PAST…a GREAT BLAST I might add!!! Jessica and I met when we were 14 when we were part of the same freshman class at Watkins Mill High School in our hometown in Maryland. Jessica was the girl every […]

Worsell Manor Wedding | Maryland Barn Wedding | Jessica and Brandon



Brittany and Scott’s destination wedding in Newport, Rhode Island was the highlight to the beginning of the year last year. I met Brittany through a a mutual friend Jana, and over the years it was the greatest time getting to know her and see her at the happiest time in her life. When I met […]

Ocean Cliff Resort | Rhode Island Destination Wedding | Brittany and Scott



Historic Cold Spring Village NEVER disappoints in terms of making the PERFECT backdrop no matter WHAT season we are shooting in. I, however, would be lying if I said that shooting there in the fall wasn’t my fave! I knew Jenny and John were a TRUE #knpcouple the moment I walked up to the shoot: […]

Historic Cold Spring Village | Fall Engagement Session | Jenny and John



This was a wedding FILLED with tears, laughs and “OMG’S”. Today we joke about how Brittany and Steve are going to be the luckiest married couple ever because they had a TRIFECTA of things go wrong on wedding day. 10 minutes before we had to get her over to the chapel to get married, Brittany’s […]

Greate Bay Country Club | Brittany and Steve | Kaitlin Noel Photography



Perfect weather, perfect session, perfect couple. I get to meet so many different couples from so many different places. I love when I come across a couple that really reminds me of my OWN relationship with my husband. Well, Alison and Chris are that couple. Chris is a go with the flow kind of guy […]

Allaire State Park Engagement Session | Alison and Chris



FUN! That is just the FIRST word that comes to mind when I think of this wedding. From start to finish it was a FUN day! Jaclyn and Jon and I did not get to spend a lot of time together before wedding day. We didn’t even get to shoot an engagement session together. But […]

Abbie Holmes Estate Wedding | Jaclyn and Jon | Summer Wedding | Kaitlin Noel Photography



There is one post I think I have dreaded to compose over the years, SIMPLY because I am NOT A MASSIVE fan of having my photo taken: THE BEHIND THE SCENES POST! Vain, maybe. But as you will see in the following Behind the Scenes post, I AM TRULY the goober on the inside. Strictly […]

Behind the Scenes | A Look Inside Kaitlin Noel Photography



Each wedding season is FLYING by faster and faster than the one before it. We honestly blinked and we went from shooting our first wedding of the year around Valentines Day and our last one of the year right before Christmas! We have had the insane honor of shooting in SO MANY places, states, and countries […]

2016 Wedding Recap | A Look Back on the 2016 Wedding Season



Have you ever met someone in life that you instant adore? You just look at that person like….”How are you so cool? So effortlessly awesome and classy and gorgeous, and fun?!!?! Well that is EXACTLY how I felt about Chelsea. When I was given the opportunity to meet Aaron, I immediately saw HOW INVOLVED he […]

Congress Hall Wedding | Classic Fall Wedding | Chelsea and Aaron | Cape May, NJ



How is it that the older you get, the faster time flies by? Is it really that we are just having that much fun? Too busy? Sleep more? WHAT IS IT!!?! Every year starts the same: I am going to eat better, work out more, read more, be kinder, do more community service, be smarter […]

Hello 2017 | Business and Personal Resolutions-Goals | Kaitlin Noel Photography



This time last year we were gearing up for a 15 hour day in the biting cold of Philadelphia. We had the insane honor of shooting Brian and Erica’s NYE wedding in the city and every moment was breathtaking. From prep, to the gorgeous ceremony to the fun of running all over the Lowes Hotel […]

New Years Eve Wedding | Lowes Hotel & Iatse | Erica and Brian’s Philadelphia Wedding



This whole DAY was fun. Not even 3 seconds into the session my gorgeous bride walks towards me with a gift. (Which let me tell you…she knows the way to my make up heart! ) We get to our first spot within the Historic Cold Spring Village and are greeted by a whole group of […]

Cold Spring Village and Cape May Beach Engagement | Mary Kate and Jason | Kaitlin Noel Photography



  Let’s face it….education in our ever growing and changing industry is VITAL to growth and success. I, myself, have attended many coaching sessions, conferences, mentoring, etc. I knew that before I really wanted to delve into hosting my own workshop, I wanted to make sure I had some tips and tricks of my own…and […]

You’re Invited! | A Styled Shoot Workshop | Kaitlin Noel Photography



From every end comes a NEW beginning. Change is NEVER easy. Never! It is true when they say that “Gods laughs when you make plans” because GOD ALREADY HAS a plan for each of us. When I started this business of mine almost 6 years ago, I started by shooting newborns. I practiced my shooting on donkeys […]

WE ARE HIRING! | Intern and Part-Time Assistant | Kaitlin Noel Photography



  These two are amazing. They are so on TOP of the wedding planning game that they booked their 2018 wedding this summer AND we already shot their engagement session!!! We chose to shoot their session at the even gorgeous Historic Cold Spring Village and then head over to the Wildwood Crest pier for some […]

Wildwood Crest, NJ Engagement Session | Bridget and Justin | Kaitlin Noel Photography



It’s no secret: Family Portraits are TOUGH! They are stressful, they take planning, effort and are unpredictable! Especially when kiddos are too young to fully BRIBE! Every single year we have our portraits taken. Every single year its a challenge. Every single year I curse myself and ask, “WHY do I do this…never again…ahhhh!” But […]

5 TIPS For a Successful Family Session | Kaitlin Noel Photography



I first met the Lane Family when I had the insane pleasure of shooting Julia (their eldest daughter’s) senior portraits last summer. This summer they were in town with their WHOLE family and we got to shoot on the gorgeous beach in Cape May. Their grandparents LOVED the street overlooking some of the most iconic […]

Cape May, NJ | Family Beach Portraits | The Lane Family | Kaitlin Noel Photography



19 people. 9 adults. 10 children under the age of 9! PHEW! But by-golly….we nailed it! I LOVE getting to meet and work with families that were referred by other clients…I go into the session already feeling like we are family some how! I saw this adorable bronze-skinned family decked in denim and boho chic […]

Wildwood Crest | Family Beach Portraits | Milelli Family | Kaitlin Noel Photography



How is summer over? I honestly BLINKED and I was perusing the back to school aisle mid -August. You know, the aisles in between the Halloween and Christmas decor? LOL My little ones are BIG SCHOOLERS as my little Ryan says. Ryan is now in Kindergarten and Nicholas is starting in second grade. WHAT!?!?! BUT […]

The First Day | Back to School 2016 | Personal | Kaitlin Noel Photography



Finally!!! My third promo video has been filmed and today, I am sharing with you. My first promo video set such a high bar and REALLY launched myself and my business as a whole to a very exciting level. It was perfect for showing my brides an inside look on not only how I work […]

My Promo Video Reveal | LVL 13 Cinematography | Kaitlin Noel Photography



There is nothing I love more than having the opportunity to shoot my brides and grooms AFTER the wedding day as they start to create and grow their families. Jenna and Bill have had the most precious little girl since their big day and this was my first chance to meet her! Historic Cold Spring […]

Historic Cold Spring Village | Family Session | The Comly’s | Kaitlin Noel Photography



How has it already been over a year? This couple right here planned the most perfect day….even Style Me Pretty thought so. I remember their consult…I remember Meredith saying the words…”it would be a dream to have my wedding on Style Me Pretty!” Well love, your wish came true in a big way. But before […]

The Windrift | Meredith and Shawn | Avalon, NJ Wedding | Kaitlin Noel Photography



What do you do when you travel ALL the way to Maryland for a family session and its POURING rain? You shoot anyway!!! The Mitchell Family are loyal and amazing clients of mine. They value their pictures, their family and gifted their parents with this shoot for their 50th. Their children spouses and grandchildren came […]

The Glenview Masion- Maryland | Mitchell Family | Kaitlin Noel Photography



  June 6, 2017. It was a gorgeous day in center city Philadelphia. We arrive at the gorgeous Racquet Club of Philadelphia and entered 2 grand doors that opened into the wedding space. It was gorgeous. The architecture always takes my breath away! Bridal prep was quickly underway and the bride and her maids were […]

The Racquet Club of Philadelphia Wedding | Krystle and Greg | Philly Wedding | Kaitlin Noel Photography



Caitlin and Ryan are THE CUTEST! The best part is, so is their dog! What a good boy he was. I am starting to think my puppy need serious training classes…or at least a dog whisperer. We started our day at Cold Spring Village with their pup in tow and planned to finish off the […]

Historic Cold Spring Village | Caitlin and Ryan’s Engagement Session | Kaitlin Noel Photography



The Breece family. Where does one begin? I am just smitten by them. Krissy is a wonder woman, lets just start there. She is a fellow photographer in the process of relocating to North Carolina. She is extremely talented and we have A LOT in common. (Krissy Breece Photography) I first met Krissy when she […]

Wildwood Crest, NJ | Family Beach Portraits | Breece Family | Kaitlin Noel Photography



I think I have delayed writing up the blog for this wedding for a multitude of reasons. The main one being: Every time I think of this couple…this wedding, my eyes fill with tears. Mind you, the tears are both happy and sad….but after 2 years, I couldn’t put it off any longer. Genny and Wil […]

Abbie Holmes Wedding | Genny and Wil | NJ Wedding | Kaitlin Noel Photography



Don’t blink. Our parents tell us that when we have kids. Country songs tell us this in their lyrics. Other people say it all the time. Its so true. Every time I blink another year has passed. My once 5lb 11oz peanut of a baby is turning Lucky # 7 today and its just NOT […]

Lucky # 7| Happy Birthday Nicholas | Personal | Kaitlin Noel Photography



I have to say…. WHY DOESN’T EVERY GROOM THINK TO DO THIS!?!?! Rich is a genius. A romantic, considerate, amazing man thats a genius. Here is why: Rich contacted me asking if I shoot proposals. I of course told him that I do and LOVE them. We decided to meet in person to chat about […]

Ocean City, NJ Proposal | A Surprise Proposal | Kaitlin Noel Photography



  Historic Cold Spring Village is a must see when you are in Cape May! Marisa and Matt are two cute for words. They came in with a few nerves and a bit of apprehension but by the end of the session they were pros! We spent the first half the session at Cold Spring […]

Historic Cold Spring Village and Cape May Winery Engagement Session | Marisa and Matt | Cape May, NJ | Kaitlin Noel Photography



Have you ever met a couple that shakes your core? That show you and teach you all you ever need to know about love. Give you something to envy and strive for? Jaclynn and Aaron are that couple. They contacted me in regards to setting up an anniversary shoot here at the Congress Hall in […]

Congress Hall Anniversary Session | Jaclynn and Aaron | Cape May, NJ | Kaitlin Noel Photography



If you have never been to Allaire State Park…mark it down as a MUST! Especially in the fall! The bakery is amazing! But since we are not here to talk about food, lets get on to the good stuff…the pictures! Erin and Jesse are too cool for school. They were so trusting, fun and laid […]

Allaire State Park Engagement Session | Erin and Jess | New Jersey Photographer | Kaitlin Noel Photography



Historic Cold Spring Village will always be one of my most favorite spots here in Cape May, NJ. For those familiar with Allaire State Park about 2 hours north of here, its like a mini Allaire. So much history and character topped off with quaint charm and gorgeous scenery. Joanna and Brad traveled from NY […]

Historic Cold Spring Village Engagement Session | Joanna and Brad | Cape May, NJ | Kaitlin Noel Photography



This past winter I had the amazing opportunity to shoot an engagement/family session, all in one. Jess and A.J. and their adorable son were visiting Cape May from their home in Florida. They will be tying the knot this December at the ever gorgeous Congress Hall. These two have a gorgeous relationship and an unparalleled […]

Congress Hall Engagement Session | Jess and A.J. | Cape May, NJ | Kaitlin Noel Photography



I can not believe a whole year has passed since the last dance. How and why does time fly by ever so quickly!?! People always ask me if I could wish for one thing in the world, I always say TIME! There just isn’t enough of it for anything! And it sure runs out quicker […]

Crest Memorial Sweatheart Dance 2016 | A Mother-Son Dance | Personal | Kaitlin Noel Photography



Motherhood. There is no greater job in the world. But there is also no TOUGHER job in the world. Before I became a mother, I had big plans. Great plans. I planned to be everything my mother was and wasn’t in the same regard…and then planned to be better. I planned to be the mom […]

To the Mom I Thought I Would Be… | Personal | Kaitlin Noel Photography



I feel gypped. And I totally want my money back. Or at least my sanity back. To all those couples out there posting adorable photos in front of your “sold” home signs and even more adorable photos of you holding your new house key in your cupped hands…or the really nauseating photos of you being […]

5 Things You Need to Know Before Building a House | Personal | Kaitlin Noel Photography



T.G.I.F! I woke up this morning to heavy falling snow during school drop off. The house is a mess and the TO DO list is growing by the minute! It made me think about the the Fabulous Finds I found this week that always seem to make my life a little bit easier, prettier and […]

Fabulous Finds Friday | A New Series | Kaitlin Noel Photography



I am sure if you follow me on some of my social media platforms already, you have noticed that during my off season I am making a few slight changes. I got rid of my of my older Twitter account and started from scratch. In line with updating Twitter, I also updated my Periscope. This […]

Social Media Updates | Follow Me, Follow You | Kaitlin Noel Photography



ITS FRIDAY! The weekend is here and so is this new series. I learned, in my many years of business education, that sticking to routine and schedule is the best way to stay on track. Whether thats financially, strategically, etc. So, as a recovering blog slacker in blogging rehab, please allow me to introduce my […]

Fabulous Finds Friday | A New Series | Kaitlin Noel Photography



I can’t be alone in wishing for warmer weather. You know…the kind of weather that when we have it, we whine that its too warm or we don’t appreciate it for all its worth. Oy…the grass is always greener on the other side friends! Angela and Casey’s Ocean City, NJ Beach and Boardwalk session takes […]

Angela and Casey | Ocean City, NJ Engagement Session | Kaitlin Noel Photography



January was my trial month for the new year. Its has been a month of figuring out what is BROKEN in both my personal and business life and figuring out what changes needed to happen. This upcoming month I am planning to put some goals, dreams and plans into action…or in other words…on my Priority […]

10 Micro Changes for Macro Results | Business | Kaitlin Noel Photography



Utah is gorgeous. Lets just start with that. In the beginning of December I was lucky enough to be able to head out to Utah and visit my best friend, Brooke. She happens to be one of the most sought after and talented wedding photographers in Utah, too! We got to meet up with her […]

Januari and Jess | Provo Utah Beloved Session | Kaitlin Noel Photography | Utah Professional Photographer



Over two years away from her wedding day and she was an official booked KNP Bride. The FIRST 2015 booked bride to be exact. I left that consult feeling as though I met a girl I was SUPPOSED to have known my entire life. She is not only gorgeous on the outside…but she has a […]

Adriane and Brett | The Atrium at the Curtis Center Wedding | Philadelphia Wedding | Kaitlin Noel Photography



There are 3. Three C’s that you should absolutely run your business based upon and most certainly your life. Choose. Chance. Change. You must first CHOOSE to take a CHANCE to create a CHANGE.  Doubt has always been a huge struggle of mine. I don’t have fear of what is yet to come, just doubt. I am […]

The 3 C’s | A Business Motto To Live By | Kaitlin Noel Photography



Summer in the Crest. It’s just one of the best places to be. The Wildwood Crest beaches, even at sunset, are packed with beach goers catching the last few breaths of the sun. The sand is still warm and water cool. As golden hour approaches, its even more lovely as the dunes turn gold and […]

Nicole and Frank | Wildwood Crest Beach Engagement Session | Kaitlin Noel Photography



We knew it would be amazing before we even started. Chris and I arrived in Florida bright and early the day before Michelle and Walker’s wedding. We went from 22 degrees to 78 degrees in the matter of 2 hours. The rehearsal was underway on a grassy veranda over looking the ocean at the Hammock […]

Michelle and Walker | Hammock Beach Wedding | Florida Destination Wedding | Classic- Glam Wedding | Kaitlin Noel Photography



Throughout the year I have many of my brides, past/future and present… well as other fans and friends ask me…. Do you do boudoir!? My reply is always this: ONCE A YEAR! I am often asked why I limit these types of sessions to only 1 day in the year and truthfully, its more fun […]

This Only Happens ONCE a Year | Boudoir 2016 | Kaitlin Noel Photography



Tomorrow is my 30th birthday. Born December 19, 1985 in Fairfax, VA. My mom constantly reminds me on this day how truly special my birth was…but not before reminding me HOW LONG AND PAINFUL it was. Oops! My bad mama dukes! I thought I would somehow feel immediately OLD…different, or at least wiser. But in […]

30 Things I Learned About Myself By 30 | My 30th Birthday | Kaitlin Noel Photography



This has been NOTHING like those TLC shows. There isn’t cute coffee meetings at Magnolia Farms to view a 3D vision of my home. There aren’t huge billboards that are pulled apart to reveal an end product. There isn’t a Disney vacation while a whole home is built in a week. It a hot mess! […]

The Hebert’s Renovation | Rooms, Walls and a Roof | Kaitlin Noel Photography



It was a joint effort. Two photographers, 2 friends, one crazy idea. Let’s plan a styled shoot in Utah. So we did. My best friend Brooke Bakken lives in Utah and has teased me for ever with these gorgeous posts of hers with rolling mountains covered in green and snow caps all at once. I […]

Tibble Fork Resevoir | A Utah Wedding Styled Shoot | Blush, Blue, Sangria Wedding | Kaitlin Noel Photography



PROGRESS. Its the word that I LOVE to hear and the sight I love to see when it comes to our home renovation. If you want to know more about what we are up to, click here. When Mike and I weighed the options of moving to an entirely new house off of our island […]

The Hebert Renovation | An Update- We Are Lifted! | Personal | Kaitlin Noel Photography



Rachel and John have so much love and history built up here in Cape May, NJ.  John’s relatives name, a former Mayor, is even featured on this plaque on the Washington Street Mall. For years of visits and trips…and memories made between them both, Cape May was the only obvious choice to capture their engagement […]

Cape May Engagement Session | Rachel and John | Kaitlin Noel Photography | NJ Professional Photographer



I have the insane pleasure of meeting and working with so many new and wonderful families each year: The Barrett Family was no exception. While in town for a family vacation, they met me down at the Crest Pier for a family portrait session. We were graced with some soft beach winds and warm crashing […]

Wildwood Beach Family Portraits | The Barrett Family | Kaitlin Noel Photography



FINALLY! Finally is the one of MANY words that come to mind when thinking of our much anticipated home remodel! JUST FINALLY! For 7  years my husband and I lived in the house and made it a home. When I first arrived to this house, the living room looked like a collection of sidewalk furniture […]

Hebert Home Remodel | The Beginning Stages | Personal | Kaitlin Noel Photography



It has been OVER TWO YEARS since I have hosted my last workshop! TWO YEARS! I promised myself that the next time I hosted a workshop, it wouldn’t just be spewing out information that was recently bestowed upon me. I wanted to learn my craft, master portions of it, and teach about my experiences with […]

Exclusive Fall Workshop | Kaitlin Noel Photography | October 11, 2015 | Cape May, NJ



Some weddings I have the privilege of capturing, wind up capturing MY heart instead. In truth, its not really the “wedding”….its the love of the couple. Brittany and Justin are two people that capture you heart and never let go. Their positivity, realness and dedication to each others happiness is just incredible to play witness […]

Historic Smithville Inn Wedding |Bohemian Rustic Wedding | NJ Wedding Photographer



Sunrise sessions are quickly becoming my favorite. The sun is glowing, the air is cooler,  the beach is quiet. The Smith family met me at the pier in Ocean City, NJ. This was the first trip for them as a family to the beach and their baby girls FIRST time with her piggies in the […]

Ocean City New Jersey Beach Portraits | The Smith Family | Kaitlin Noel Photography



This session was a group effort. Literally! There was a florist involved, 2 friends, a dog, a horse, and a horse trailer on board to help Megan and Anthony’s dream engagement session become a reality. They gave me an address to a farm location in Pittsgrove, NJ. I always LOVE to shoot in new locations, […]

Pittsgrove Horse Farm Engagement | Megan and Anthony | NJ Wedding Photographer



She called it a “Pinterest Fail” and I just couldn’t help but laugh. My girls are just the funniest. They care so much about their pictures and put in so much effort…so when its the weather, the outfits or the props that do not go their way….one would think that they would NOT be happy […]

North Wildwood Engagement Session | Candice and Dyllon | NJ Wedding Photographer | Kaitlin Noel Photography



Aimee and Shelton married at The Reeds at Shelter Haven in Stone Harbor, NJ. It was an intimate rooftop affair held at Sunset on a warm and gorgeous June evening. When Aimee contacted me, I knew this wedding was going to be special. Unique. We were lucky enough to squeeze in a quick Cape May, […]

The Reeds at Shelter Haven Wedding | Aimee and Shelton | Intimate Rooftop Wedding | Stone Harbor, NJ Wedding | Kaitlin Noel Photography



This has been a year of PUPS! In the past year I have had the amazing opportunity of meeting and shooting so many adorable pups. Some small…some smaller. Some large and in charge and some MULTIPLES! (aka 3 boxer pups in ONE image PLUS their owners!) lol Pups are like kids. They bring joy and […]

Wildwood Beach Engagement Session | Katie and Kyle | Boston Terrier Dog Engagement | Kaitlin Noel Photography | Wildwood Professional Photographer



Every time I have the pleasure of shooting these two, my heart just explodes! Christian is one of the most amazing single moms you will ever meet. Her husband was in the military and sadly passed away overseas leaving Christian with a very small little boy to take care of. She is the embodiment of […]

Ocean City, NJ Beach Portraits | NJ Portrait Photographer | Christian and Thomas



When I first started in photography, I would not have made it far without the help of those more experienced than I was. I was just getting into wedding photography when another girl asked me to meet her in Maryland and help her second shoot a wedding. I had never met her, the couple and […]

NJ Maternity Photographer | Danae and Louie | Beach Maternity Session | Kaitlin Noel Photography



Shooting beach engagement sessions at sunset in Cape May, NJ is one of my favorite aspects of my “job”. Its impossible to not capture the magic of the sand, sky and ocean. Mother nature LOVES to show off at the point here in the Cape and it is always teh most perfect backdrop for a […]

NJ Engagement and Wedding Photographer | Caitlin and Ian: Part 2 | Kaitlin Noel Photography | Cape May, NJ



When they said Cape May, my heart skipped a beat. Even though I live here and shoot here ALL the time, I always find new and gorgeous spots in the heart of Cape May that make me fall in love each and every time. Each couple makes Cape May their own….they bring their own style, […]

NJ Engagement Photographer | Caitlin and Ian | Cape May Engagement Session | Kaitlin Noel Photography



A year ago this weekend, these two tied the knot! They were in fact, one of FOUR couples of mine to marry on Memorial Day weekend 2014. Since then, life and business have been great , but VERY busy and blogging became one of my downfalls. This year it has been a goal of mine […]

Colleen and Weston | Married | Military Wedding | Memorial Day Weekend | The Tides Estate Wedding | Kaitlin Noel Photography | NJ Professional Wedding Photographer



If you have ever built a house….or at least started the process, and you are ANYTHING like me, the actual building and planning stages are the WORST! They are literally breaking my down…piece by piece. Every permit, every signature on some formal document, every meeting with a new contractor, bank person or city official…all of […]

My Dream Office Style Board | Designing My New Office Space | Personal and Business | Kaitlin Noel Photography | Cape May Professional Photographer



Classy. Sweet. Fun. Radiant. Those are the words that come to mind not only when I think of my couple Kylie and Nathan, but when I think of their wedding day as a whole. It was a wickedly cold November day, but there was more love and warmth within these two families than one could […]

Kylie and Nathan | Clarks Landing Wedding | JMU Inspired Purple Wedding | Kaitlin Noel Photography | NJ Professional Wedding Photographer



I can tell you right now, I am not. I am NOT a photographer for photographers. Let me explain. The other day a friend of mine sent over a questionnaire inquiring about our creative industry and how other creatives make you feel…what you wish they did more of, less of…whom inspires you….what is said that makes you […]

Tell Us the Truth | Are You or Aren’t You? | Business Advice | Kaitlin Noel Photography



Heather and Marks wedding was the second wedding of 2015 for me, and MY FIRST destination wedding of the year. It was also my FIRST time in Hawaii. If I had to keep score on a scale of 1 to 10, this experience…this wedding…would MOST defiantly rank in the top 3! Heather and I met […]

Heather and Mark | Grand Wailea Resort | Maui, Hawaii Destination Wedding | Kaitlin Noel Photography | Destination Wedding Photographer



ONA! If you have NOT heard of them, you need to look them up right away! ONA is the home of all things “Stylish Camera Bags” but beyond their style is there amazing functionality and customer service business. I have been a proud ONA bag owner (I own the Brooklyn) for the past 2 years […]

ONA | My Bag, My Interview, My Feature | Kaitlin Noel Photography | Cape May + Destination Wedding Photographer



The phrase “living the dream” has always bothered me. Hearing those words strung together actually brings out the inner serial killer in me…and I mean that in the least illegal way. lol What does “living the dream” mean? Does it mean working a job that not only pays well, but that you love? Swimming in […]

Don’t Live T.H.E Dream, Live YOUR Dream | Business Advice | Personal | Kaitlin Noel Photography



Snow. I have the snow to blame and ironically to thank for the series of images you are about to see. This was the day I was supposed to be back in New Jersey. I arrived at the airport at 6 am, only to have my flight home delayed and ultimately canceled. By noon, I […]

A Vegas Snow Day | Desert Glam Styled Shoot | House of Style | Stylized Shoots | Kaitlin Noel Photography | Las Vegas Professional Photographer



It finally happened. After 5 years, I can finally say I got to attend WPPI. This photography conference is held annually in Las Vegas and it the largest gathering of photographers from all over the world. Packed with classes, a MASSIVE expo, breakout sessions and shoots, WPPI is one of the most sought after conferences to […]

WPPI 2015 | 3 Ways WPPI Can Positively Impact Your Business



It was a wedding day that I will not soon forget. It was a warm, yet blustery October day. The sun was shining and so was my bride. Amy planned the most PEFECT wedding day. From her flowy pink gown dripping in pearls to her luscious floral crown, Amy was a vision. Shaun, though the strong silent type, […]

Amy and Shaun | Bohemian Chic Wedding | Kaitlin Noel Photography | Stone Harbor Professional Photographer



This shoot happened out of now where. No really, it was not REMOTELY planned. After cruising around the Expo floor with Brooke and some amazing fellow photographers, I simply said, “I WANT TO SHOOT SOMETHING, SOMEONE….ANYTHING!” I was itching to create some gorgeous images while out in Vegas and since I wasn’t signed up for the […]

A Desert Bridal Session | Red Rock Canyon | Las Vegas, Nevada | WPPI | Stylized Session | Kaitlin Noel Photography | Las Vegas Professional Photographer



I have waited nearly 30 years for this. 30 YEARS! Swimming with Dolphins has always been on my bucket list. On our family vacation we just took to the Bahamas, I KNEW this was the time to cross it off the list. Now, because my boys are tiny, we couldn’t actually “swim” with them in […]

Our Trip to Disney | Swimming with the Dolphins | Atlantis, Bahamas | Part 3 | Personal | Kaitlin Noel Photography


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