Almost 10 years. Thats how long I have known Steph and Rauf. Steph started out as our babysitter. My little ones were TINY and she was there to love them and care for them for long hours when I went to work JUST STARTING this company of mine. So in a way, she was around before KNP really became what KNP is today. She and Rauf have been together for YEARS and FINALLY he put a ring on it! I jumped out of my office chair when I saw she was engaged and furthermore when I saw her name in my inbox! I can not wait to be a part of their wedding day and capture this amazing moment in their love story.

We decided to host their engagement session at the gorgeous Batsto Village. I have never had the chance to shoot there before, so this was a thrilling surprise for me. I LOVED that they brought along their pup as well. HOW CUTE IS HE?!?! We walked the pathways of the village and encountered very few people. It was so quiet and peaceful and the weather was just divine. These two placed so much trust in me this day and were up for anything I asked. Steph dazzled in a perfect casual sundress and Rauf looked sharp in his button up, jeans and “fancy loafers”. (They weren’t Choo’s but they would do…..not that Steph would know Choos from Sketchers anyway….lol #insidejoke)

Capturing these two as they really are made this session so special for me. I couldn’t believe how much we have all grown up, but now being the one to capture these two makes me feel older somehow! I can’t wait for wedding day you two. Thank you for asking me to be a part of this epic love story you both share! Here are just a few of my favorites from our time together at the lovely Batsto Village.

Batsto Engagement Sessio Batsto Engagement Sessio Batsto Engagement Sessio Batsto Engagement Session Batsto Engagement Session Batsto Engagement Session Batsto Engagement Sessio Batsto Engagement Session

Batsto Village Engagement Session | Stephanie and Rauf

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