Amongst my usual Facebook stalking, I came across a video that literally stopped me in my tracks. Most have you have already seen it I’m sure…but for me…this video needs a rightful home on the KNP blog…not just for my readers benefits, but for mine as well.

I am often taken back when kids can be so so wise…wiser than their elders on most occasions. I think, how is it that they know and understand so much already? They are far too young and innocent to know the answers to some of lifes problems and tribulations. But yet, they do.

My son the other day…MIND YOU HE IS ONLY 3 years old….saw me pacing…frustrated on the phone with some company who refused to call me back. He kept screaming MOM, MOM, MOM…like he almost always does the MINUTE I pick up the phone. (I swear kids have a sense for Mom is on the phone time to scream, mom finally just sat down, time to get her up again…oh look…mom just cleaned the floor…time to spill a whole juice box and crunch in gold fish for good measure) lol

Anyway back to the phone call…Nicholas sees me with straight up crazy eyes I am sure and after I finally respond in a less than pleasent tone…”WHAT NICK?? IM ON THE PHONE!”, He says…”Mommy…your SOOOO beautiful…your my princess…you sad or ok mommy?” OUT OF NO WHERE. My entire face…from downward angled eyebrows into a soft smile….instantly changed. My mood changed. My poster changed. He snapped me out of a realm where I hated to be….a place filled with anger and impatience. I knew better….but clearly not as much as my 3 year old.

Then the following day, when I got the call back, instead of unleashing a rain of verbal wrath upon this company…I told them calmly what I needed for the 30th time and a resolution was finnnnally reached.

Such a minor issue I was having in the grand scheme of things. With all the craziness in the sweet innocent boy knew better than his mama. His words saved me, and changed my day. Maybe we should start looking around for a push in the right direction and the right pep talks from those whom are much smaller and much younger than we. Thats where the real truth and beauty of life lies….within the eyes of a child…not always a professional or adult!

So thank you KID PRESIDENT for your reminder…thank you to my son, Nicholas…and here is pushing everyone in a positive and more enlightened direction! Click the link below for the video from one smart little guy! : );_ylt=Alhn6jyNA_RktdOtIbytfN2bvZx4?p=pep+talk+from+kid+president&toggle=1&cop=mss&ei=UTF-8&fr=yfp-t-701


Kaitlin Noel

We All Need A Pep Talk and Push Sometimes | Advice From A Kid President

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