Heather and Marks wedding was the second wedding of 2015 for me, and MY FIRST destination wedding of the year. It was also my FIRST time in Hawaii. If I had to keep score on a scale of 1 to 10, this experience…this wedding…would MOST defiantly rank in the top 3!

Heather and I met in a Starbucks a year out from her big day. With her she brought along her fiance Mark, and right away I was a fan of them both. They both had a very laid back attitude and were confident in their plans to elope. Before inviting my friend Brooke to tag along as my fab second shooter, it was the happy couple and me headed to the magical island of Maui. I couldn’t believe it. It was the most flattering moment to have them ask me to tag along on this trip to capture their most special day.

Though there will be PLENTY of series posts related to this 8 day trip, this post in particular is not about what I experienced or what I learned, its about these two love birds and their most perfect day.

It was a PERFECT sun shinny kind of day. The temperature was hovering around 74 degrees. A light wind rustled through the sky scraping palm trees and the ocean had a calm to it. Brooke and I arrived at the Grand Wailea and we both had the same reaction; JAW DROPPED TO THE FLOOR. Some of you may know, this is the ¬†hotel that was featured in the famous Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler movie “Just Go With It”. It was gorgeous. Simple as that.

When we arrived we were graced with a purple lei upon our necks and directed to the open roofed lobby and grand entrance. Our bride and groom were staying in double french door suite equipped with its own doorbell. After entering the LOBBY of their hotel suite, we had the choice of 3 decks before entering the dining area, bar area and eventually the master suite.

Heather was swarmed with a team of hair and make up and we got straight to work shooting her gorgeous details. Not long after, we were ready for the first look. We drove 20 minutes to a remote location where fallen trees laid upon the Hawaiian sands. From there it was straight to the ceremony where a particular famous person was in attendance. If you have ever watched Modern Family, you will notice that their officiant wasn’t just any officiant…he is a Hawaii’s most famous officiant.

The ceremony was quiet, simple and perfection. It was followed by a first dance to the sound of Hawaiian music and ocean waves.

After dinner, Heather, Mark, Brooke, and I met up with their friends whom have a home in Hawaii and had dinner at the immaculate Humuhumunukunukuapuaa (yes that is the name of the restaurant, lol). It was PERFECTION! We couldn’t thank them enough for having us to dinner. It was the most perfect day! So enough gushing….see for yourself. The most gorgeous Hawaiian Destination elopement¬†you will ever see!


Heather and Mark | Grand Wailea Resort | Maui, Hawaii Destination Wedding | Kaitlin Noel Photography | Destination Wedding Photographer

  1. I love your work. Especially the soft tones of your images!

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