I love couples that start off by saying, “We are going to be so bad at this…so awkward…so silly….” Why!?! Because they are always the couples that KNOCK IT OUT OF THE PARK!!!! Rachel and Matt had me smiling the entire session. Their Ocean City, NJ Engagement session blew me away. The love they have for each other is truly captivating. When they looked at each other….it was as if the whole world disappeared! I loved that I got to play witness to that!

We had such a mix of weather this day. We had bright skies, to cloudy foggy skies. We had humid air mixed with an intense sea breeze. It was overcast for 30 seconds and then it was like being on the surface of the sun the next….but these two dominated the day and rolled with Mother Nature’s punches. I truly can NOT WAIT for their wedding day. I know they will be such a pleasure to not only photograph, but to be around all day. Rachel and Matt, THANK YOU for trusting me with these memories and precious moments in your life. Here are a few of my favorites from our session together! : )

Ocean City, NJ Engagement | Rachel and Matt

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