If you have recently taken the matrimonial plunge, you might want to consider the endless list of tasks you might be required to complete. 

Don’t be in a wedding pickle grooms. You can still trot down the aisle with aplomb while still holding on to those nerves if you follow our pre wedding tips. 

First of all, there is the guest list. Yes, you might very well need to make the cut like your favorite football team. Nevertheless, this may prove to be tricky even if you are hosting a large or a small gathering. 

From great great aunt Joyce to that one annoying uncle, you cannot include everyone. This is especially the case if you are on a budget or the venue can only cater for a certain amount of guests. If you are struggling to get a grip of your VIP’s there are lots of hints and guides on how to make your wedding guest list

However, there is so much more than meets the eye when it comes to prepping for your big day. Don’t be caught short for one moment as we roundup our top tips so you are ready to walk the white mile. 

Suited and Booted

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A must have for all grooms out there is to not only talk the talk but walk the walk. 

And there’s no better preparation than ensuring you have your wedding regalia ready for your joyous occasion. Whether going with a snazzy suit or an all in one tux, this is considered to be imperative for all grooms. If you decide on a tuxedo, why not look at a matching cummerbund to elevate your attire. 

In order to become as debonair as Daniel Craig, you have to become Mr. Craig. Think smart, think debonair and grab yourself some amazing apparel. 

Visit a suit hire store, go online and peruse the dizzying array of options or find out from your pals or family who may have recommendations. Winter weddings tend to be more darker colours while summer weddings or destination weddings can be playful. 

Go with lighter tones, funky patterns as well as crisp cotton with waistcoats – ideal for keeping cool on the golden sands. And then there is of course footwear. 

Some boots are certainly made for walkin. But if you want to look cooler than a mojito in The Maldives, you might want to invest in a pair of sleek wedding shoes, Oxfords or brogues for your event. Something that is not only robust but comfortable so you have sufficient time to bust out a few moves on the floor. 

Find some inspiration here on what to wear so you don’t let the side down under the altar.

Make it Personal

Keep your enemies close and friends even closer. 

And this is precisely the scenario as far as your bros are concerned. Any great shindig can’t go without involving you buddies. And what better way to show your appreciation than on your wedding day. 

Say thanks with a treasured keepsake that is special to them and the best way is to give your crew a personalized gift. Add your man’s initials, name, distinctive monogram of funny quote for the ultimate one of a kind groomsmen gift. 

Make sure you have them ready to give to your gang before you tuck into those canapes. It doesn’t matter if your pal is a drinks connoisseur, sports addict, travel junkie or gaming fiend. Unlike Lord of The Rings, there is not one gift to rule them all. 

Develop your bromance with numerous ideas on top groomsmen gifts or visit a bespoke site for ideas including a gift personalized and groomsmen gift source

Read All About It

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On your wedding day, you should look at saying it with words. 

We get you’ll be all lovey dovey with your bride but what about a unique memento serving as a reminder when tying the knot. A guest book is just the ticket and it will also make a unique statement with guests. 

Select from a number of different materials not to mention finishes making the perfect wedding accessory. Let your friends fill it with comforting words, poems and even marriage advice. 

There are lots of articles offering insight into choosing a wedding guestbook or visit

About Wedding Guestbook Builder – WhiskeyMade for alternative ideas.

To Accessorize or Not to Accessorize

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That is the question. 

We get the fact you’ll need your penguin suit. But now is the time to shine just like your bride. And grooms can be just as catwalk ready as their other half with some selective accessories to elevate your wedding apparel. 

Bold boutonnieres, funky pocket squares, terrific tie bars and dapper dress socks – the choice is yours. Like Captain Scott, you too can boldly go where you have never been before.

Pre-Wedding Prep Tips for the Groom

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