The Sweetheart Dance at my sons school is always one of my favorite times of year.

I get to get all dressed up (or in this case…dressed the best I could post surgery) and still no heels allowed.

I love being given the opportunity to spend time with my kids. I love to see them thrive in their social environments. My favorite is spending that QT with them. I also REALLY love teaching them HOW to date. HOW to treat a lady. My husband makes this day important. He helps them get dressed up. They buy me flowers and turn up the “romance” factor.

My second shooter and best friend pop by for a few photos in the school hallways. I am aware that this year may be the LAST year for my 5th grader to attend as he just started going to his OWN dances. (As in…I can’t go…there are chaperones, and kids teasing each other to dance with their crushes!)


Silver lining to losing one boy to “the grown world” is that I will get that ONE-ON-ONE time with my third grader Ryan. It was so nice to attend the first dance with just Nick as Ryan wasn’t old enough to go. And now, I get to attend the last few dances with just Ryan.

Friends, Make time to teach your sons how to be GOOD men. Spend time getting to know your kids outside of the home. It is important to meet them in “their world.” Get to know their friends and be a kid just like them.

You only have now to be their parent, friend and whole world. Soon, you cant be their friend. Soon you will HAVE to be the parent as they enter teenage-hood. And one day you will only be PART of their world.

So eat it up moms….soak it up….bask in it. Back to practicing my FORNITE dances and teaching these fools the cupid shuffle!

Sweetheart Dance

Sweetheart Dance| Personal|2019

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