A look back on 2018 and all the amazing couples and memories I got to capture.

BLOGGING! It will always be the death of me. I continue to find this ironic because one of my macro goals in life is to write not only 1 book, but 3! (Think series )

Regardless, I think it’s a mixture of my inability to make a decision and being a perfectionist. Because this makes the whole process of blogging really tedious!

So, I am trying harder to do away with excuses in 2019 as one of my resolutions. I feel like people make excuses for things they SAY they care about but truly don’t care ENOUGH about to get it done. People DO what they truly care about with NO excuses, and I LOOOVE and CARE about my clients and this “job” of mine more than you all know…..so here goes:

Thank you to all my brides and grooms for trusting me with your most priceless of days! Here is a look back at the beautiful weddings that filled my with such joy and happiness in 2018.

A look back on 2018| Year in Review

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